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Disposing of an old mattress can be stressful for Abbotsford residents. But did you know that recycling one can be convenient? Ever since Metro Vancouver increased tipping fees for mattresses dumped at local landfills, it has been easier for people to recycle them at a local facility instead.

Companies like ours, Canadian Mattress Recycling, make recycling old mattresses easier by offering residential pickup services to Abbotsford.

Booking with us means that we’ll take care of removing those mattresses for you, from your home.

When we take your old mattress, it goes to our Annacis Island, Delta recycling facility. Your mattress will be stripped down and its parts will be salvaged for local manufacturers to use. Sometimes, materials like fabric, cotton, and foam, are repurposed by charities, organizations, and schools. Sometimes they are turned into new cushions and pet beds at local animal shelters.

Reduce Illegal Dumping


Recycling your mattress is one way of reducing illegally dumped mattresses. Mattresses dumped on the side of streets, lawns, or public property is a health and safety concern. It affects local wildlife and can contaminate our water streams. Therefore, choosing to recycle yours protects our natural environment and makes cities like Abbotsford a cleaner, safer place.

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Canadian Mattress Recycling - We Pick up and Recycle Mattresses in Vancouver, BC Canada

At Canadian Mattress Recycling, we are the only facility in Metro Vancouver that dismantles old mattresses and furniture for recycling. Much of what we process is reused by local manufacturers as the building blocks for new products. Fabric, coir, wood, and foam are turned into new products, like carpet underlays, pet beds, and furniture.

We take:

– Mattresses, box springs, futons & foam pads
– Office/desk chairs, armchairs & recliners
– Love seats, couches, sectionals & sofa-beds
– Bed frames, headboards/footboards, anything metal & appliances except fridges

To learn more about our services or schedule a residential pickup from Canadian Mattress Recycling, click here.  

Our team of local professionals are eager to assist you!

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Important Information

– We do not accept mattresses that are too wet or have bed bugs in them

– We can coordinate pickups across Vancouver and much of the Lower Mainland

– Our Annacis Island facility is also open 7 days a week, excluding stat holidays, for drop-offs

– Recycling fees are separate to pickup fees

– Pickups can be booked Monday-Friday over the phone or email, or by filling out our pickup form

– We also offer commercial mattress pickup services

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What Happens To Your Mattress?

By recycling with us, up to 95% of your old mattress will be salvaged into new materials for local manufacturers to use. Local Vancouver businesses and makers use all sorts of cotton, wood, and coir, to make their products. Elementary schools, animal shelters, and charities also put materials to good use.

Since 2011, our facility has recycled over 21 million lbs of mattresses and furniture.

In 2018 alone, we recycled 4.3 million lbs.

Recycling old mattresses help reduce environmental impacts caused by landfills, keeps our cities clean from illegal dumping, and help support a local, sustainable economy.


Climate Change – Recycling your old mattresses instead of dumping in landfills help mitigate climate change.

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