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About Breakfast for Learning

Breakfast For Learning is the leading non-profit organization dedicated to child nutrition programs in Canada. In the British Columbia chapter, the organization provides nutrition grants so schools can obtain food, equipment, and staff their community needs. It also provides child nutrition educational resources to raise awareness in local communities about proper nutrition. The organization supports the research that there is a link between child nutrition and learning; that nutritious meals help improve learning. Too many children go to school without eating a healthy breakfast, which affects their ability to learn. So Breakfast for Learning helps children get the breakfasts they need, and nourish them to reach their full potential.

Healthy Food in BC Schools

This idea of a healthy breakfast has been echoed by the Province of BC. On the provincial website, it states that many children don’t receive the recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables. It also states that students perform better in class when schools meet their nutritional needs. Healthy Eating at School provides further educational resources about planning healthy food fundraisers, healthy recipes, and programs schools can run to encourage nutritional meals.

Our Donation

In 2015, Canadian Mattress Recycling donated $400.00 to Breakfast for Learning, helping Canadian children get their school days off to a great start. BfL is continued by President’s Choice Children’s Charity for the 2017-2018 school year.  To learn more about Breakfast For Learning, visit their Facebook page.

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