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If you are a resident of Burnaby, did you know that the City includes the disposal of large items such as mattresses and furniture as part of their regular garbage collection routine? Simply visit their website and call the city to reserve a pickup, and follow their instructions to prepare your large items for pickup.

You can call them at 604-294-7972 to arrange a pickup. This must be done before you move the item outside.

Important Things To Remember

– This service is only available for Burnaby residents.

– If you’re disposing of an old mattress, they have to be completely wrapped and sealed in plastic for collection.

– If you live in an apartment, condo, or complex, the City requires you to contact your property manager so they can book the pickup.

– Residents are still responsible to move their furniture and mattresses to the designated pickup spot, as determined by the City and property managers.

For all non-Burnaby residents, or special pickup cases, we suggest contacting a local recycler to dispose of your large items responsibly.

Placing Items For Pickup

To comply with Burnaby’s large item pickups, there are several key things to remember about where to place the item you want to dispose of for pickup. Dumping mattresses and furniture anywhere but the designated locations can be considered as illegal dumping, and cost cities more money to remove it.

1. Do not place the items on city lanes, streets, medians, or boulevards.

2. When the item is outside waiting for pickup, they should not be leaning against garbage, recycling, or organics bins.

3. For more information, visit their website or give their hotline a call.

What Happens Afterwards

If you have ever wondered what happens to the mattresses and furniture the city takes from a pickup, look no further.

The City of Burnaby works with local recyclers to find a sustainable alternative to disposing of your items in the landfill. Landfill waste can cause a variety of environmental impacts, including chemical seepage, attracting pests, and generally, cause a permeating odour in surrounding neighbourhoods.

Wooden Bed Frame for Mattress Recycling

Wooden Bed Frames can be salvaged at local recycling facilities to be turned into materials for new products.

Recycling With Canadian Mattress Recycling

Canadian Mattress Recycling - We Pick up and Recycle Mattresses in Vancouver, BC Canada

At Canadian Mattress Recycling, we are the only facility in Metro Vancouver that dismantles old mattresses and furniture for recycling. Much of what we process is reused by local manufacturers as the building blocks for new products. Fabric, coir, wood, and foam are turned into new products, like carpet underlays, pet beds, and furniture.

Not only do we accept drop-offs at our Annacis Island facility located in Delta BC., but we can also arrange pickups in cities like Vancouver, Burnaby, and Surrey. We care a lot about the environment and protect it by recycling mattresses and furniture.

We take:

– Mattresses, box springs, futons & foam pads
– Office/desk chairs, armchairs & recliners
– Love seats, couches, sectionals & sofa-beds
– Bed frames, headboards/footboards, anything metal & appliances except fridges

To learn more about our services or schedule a residential pickup from Canadian Mattress Recycling, click here.  

Our team of local professionals are eager to assist you!

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