How To Recycle Metal in Vancouver

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If you are working on a commercial or industrial project and come across metal that you’d like recycled, here’s a guide for you. Recycling metal can be complicated, especially since the sorting method is different compared to recycling other goods.

Preparing Metal For Recycling

What most people like to do is sort the metal and separate the ferrous metals from the non-ferrous. First, label bins with a permanent marker with labels such as aluminum, iron, stainless steel, steel, brass, and copper. Then, you can then sort the metal depending on their size in those bins. Such as wires, pipes, sheets, bolts, etc.

But how can you determine what metals are ferrous and non-ferrous?

The easiest test is to take out a magnet. A magnet will help you determine the ferrous metals from the non-ferrous. Iron, steel, and other ferrous metals will stick to the magnet. The ones that don’t will most likely be aluminum, brass, and copper.

The next step will be to sort the metal by color. As you work, you will get used to identifying which metal is which, making the process faster. If you have trouble you can check out resources online or bring your metals to a metal recycler. The general rule of thumb is that most yellow colored metal is brass, copper is a different shade than red brass, and aluminum is easy to spot.

You’re almost done!

Before you bring the metals to a recycler, do try to sort by how clean the metal is. The cleaner the metal is the higher chance you will get a better deal. Clean metal is worth more than dirty metal due to the labor-intensive work dirty metal takes to clean.

Why You Should Recycle Metals

It might seem a lot of work to sort through metals. You might be thinking – why bother?

If money is not an incentive enough, here are some reasons why you should recycle metal:

– Recycling metal keeps toxic chemicals out of landfills
– Metal recycling supports diverse industries in Vancouver and abroad
– Recycling metal keeps virgin ore in the ground
– Recycling metal reduces greenhouse gas emissions
– Products made from recycled metal use less energy and water resources


List of Vancouver Metal Recyclers

Here are some companies that buy and sell metal in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

They are listed in no particular order. This list is also not extensive.

Note that this blog is not an endorsement of the companies and readers should do their due diligence in researching if they are the right companies for them. We at Canadian Mattress Recycling Inc. likes to blog about the communities we serve and the businesses in them.

Metal Recycling Vancouver BC

North Star Metal Recycling has been recycling metals since 1950. They take non-ferrous and ferrous metals, commercial and industrial metal waste, and also appliances.

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North Shore Metal Recycling

Another metal recycler, North Shore Metal Recycler has been in business since 1982. They buy all non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, aluminum, and stainless steel. They offer pickup services to your location.

Metal Recycling Vancouver and Langley

West Coast Metal Recycling is located in Langley BC Canada. They accept a variety of metals including copper, insulated wire, aluminum, shavings, and cast metal. Locally owned and operated, West Coast Metal Recycling used to be R & P Metals in 1966. The company went through a change in ownership and rebranded as West Coast Metal Recycling, and now boasts a fleet of trucks and bins to service Langley BC and surrounding areas.


Metal Recycler Vancouver

Davis Trading has been involved in the Northwest scrap metal recycling industry since 1909. Located in the heart of Vancouver, the company buys all types of metal and recycles it on your behalf. They’re located at 1100 Grant St. in Vancouver. The metal recycler accepts all forms of aluminum, copper, brass, and copper wires. Stainless steel is also accepted.


Richmond and Vancouver Metal Recycler

Capital Salvage Metal Recycling is based out of 1919 Triumph St. Vancouver BC. Siince 1992, they have bought, sold, traded, and recycled all kinds of scrap metals including copper, aluminum, lead, and zinc. Their doors are open seven days a week, and are available for contact on their website or by email.


Vancouver Metal Recyclers

ABC Recycling has been in business since 1912. They have locations across Western BC, including Burnaby, Surrey, Terrace, Kelowna, and Grande Prairie Alberta. The closest location to Vancouver will be Burnaby or Surrey, where they recycle aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and brass. They’re open Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 4:30 pm.


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