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Wondering if your mattress is recyclable? Yes, they are – in fact, almost 100% of a mattress can be deconstructed and salvaged for recovery.

Also, recycling your old mattress is a better alternative than disposing of it in the landfill. Valuable materials like fabric, foam, cotton, wood, and metal, can be turned into new products by local manufacturers.

Properly recycling mattresses reduce illegal dumping in local neighbourhoods. A dumped mattress in an alleyway or by the curb invites more people to illegally dump theirs. For local residents, it can be tiring to see abandoned box springs and old futons littering the curbside or in a public park.

Bringing your old mattresses and furniture to a local recycling facility reduces wastage and keeps your neighbourhoods clean.

Canadian Mattress Recycling - We Pick up and Recycle Mattresses in Vancouver, BC Canada

Recycle With Canadian Mattress Recycling

We are proud to be the only recycling facility in Metro Vancouver that salvages up to 100% of each mattress we receive through our doors. Every item we recycle are deconstructed and reused by local manufacturers.

Our state-of-the-art facility accepts both residential and commercial loads. Drop-offs can be made seven days a week at our warehouse, and residential pickups can be booked Mondays to Fridays.

What We Accept

– Mattresses, box springs, futons, foam pads

– Office and desk chairs, armchairs, recliners

– Loveseats, couches, sectionals, sofa beds

– Bed frames, headboards, footboards

– Appliances and anything metal except fridges

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Note that we do not accept completely soaked mattresses or futons, or mattresses that are infested with bed bugs. These mattresses must be dumped in landfills at your nearest transfer station.

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