Saving Giraffes: High Time To Save the World’s Tallest Creatures

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What fast facts do we know about giraffes?

We know giraffes are the tallest mammals on Earth, but what else do we know about them?

If I stand next to a giraffe, how much taller are they? What do they eat? Do they even sit? Do they sleep standing up?

A fully grown giraffe is about three times the height of an average human being. Their diet consists of plants, which they use their long necks and tongues to pull leaves from tall trees.

And despite their size, a giraffe can go a few days without water – thanks to their plant-based diet.

They spend most of their life standing up, even when they’re sleeping or giving birth.

But have you ever seen a photo of a giraffe sleeping? If you haven’t, you’re not alone. In a 24-hour day, giraffes only need a quick nap, anywhere from between five minutes to thirty! In a blink of an eye, they’re fully awake.

But these elusive species may become extinct – before we know it.

Giraffe Habitats

These mammals are found in habitats scattered throughout sub-Saharan Africa. In the past few decades, the giraffe population has dwindled, and are now rarer to spot in the wild. Even there are more elephants in the wild than giraffes.

Human activities are infringing on their habitats, causing them to become critically endangered. In addition, giraffes are hunted for sport and their parts, owing largely to their distinctive spotted coat. There are some natural causes to the giraffe population decline, however. Giraffes suffer from diseases like the giraffe skin disease and inbreeding (Biological Diversity).

The giraffe population has decreased significantly in the last 30 years – close to a 40% loss, to be exact.

Now there are less than 97,000 giraffes in the wild.

How We Can Save Giraffes

So how do we save these creatures?

The extinction of these creatures has been noted as “silent” because we normally don’t think about giraffes. We know about tigers, lions, cheetahs, and the dangers they are facing, but not giraffes.

But that’s not stopping organizations like the Giraffe Conservation Foundation from fighting to save these animals from extinction.

Their recent video shows how they’re working with local communities in Uganda to relocate the endangered giraffes into one of three national parks in Uganda. These giraffes are safely transported to the Murchison Falls, Kidepo Valley, and Lake Mburo, where they can recover.

The organization works with field rangers, locals, and specially trained individuals to track, transport, and send these endangered animals to the safe havens in these protected national parks. Since the 1990s, this operation has helped recover giraffe populations from 3 in Kidepo Valley National Park to 35.

Help us spread the word!

At Canadian Mattress Recycling, we are delighted to support crucial animal conservation programs like the Giraffe Conservation Foundation. We are currently fundraising for this organization, and raising awareness to the real dangers that these giraffes face.  The Giraffe Conservation Foundation is the only NGO that concentrates solely on the conservation of giraffes in the wild. With a strong, collaborative team, they work multilaterally to conserve the giraffe population in Africa. Visit their website and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

On World Giraffe Day – Thursday, June 21st – like and share our blog post on social media, and help us spread the word!

Additional Resources

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Disappearance of elephants, giraffes causes ecological chain reaction (Mongabay, 2008)

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