Mattress Disposal and Recycling

At Canadian Mattress Recycling, we recycle all old beds that come through our doors. Our recycling rate is nearly 100% – since 2011, we’ve diverted over 25 million lbs of mattresses and box springs from local landfills. We provide pickup services for residents across Metro Vancouver, as well as freight solutions for our commercial clients.

What We Recycle

Mattresses and Box Springs

We take all kinds of mattress and box springs, including futons and foam mattresses. All mattresses must be dry or slightly damp, but we cannot recycle completely soaked ones, nor ones contaminated with bed bugs or mold. For foam mattresses, we only accept clean ones. Recycling rates are based on quantity, not size of mattresses – so to us, a king, queen, or teen sized mattress is the same.

Mattresses and Frames for Cribs

In addition to regular box springs and mattresses, we take crib frames and mattresses. These we charge a separate rate from our regular mattress recycling.

Adjustable Electrical Bed and Base

Adjustable electrical beds are often used by people to help find relief during their sleep. This is especially the case for people with back pain or other spinal pain, where a tradtional bed frame and mattress causes discomfort. At CMR, we can recycle your old adjustable electrical bed, and its base.

Wooden Bed Frames

We take all sorts of bed frames – including ones with drawers (Captain’s bed frame). We also accept wooden or upholstered headboards and complete wooden bed frames. The bed frames must also be disassembled.

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