Top Five Most Sustainable Restaurants in Vancouver BC

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One of the great ways to support and encourage food production is by means of being selective when it comes to where you choose to dine. It is good to buy seasonal produce from the local farmers market, but it’s also beneficial to choose sustainable restaurants.

If you are in Vancouver, BC and having a hard time finding the most sustainable restaurants, worry no more because below is the list to choose from:

Fable Restaurant

If you are looking for thought-out and well-rounded dishes that are served wonderfully, Fable Restaurant is a wise choice. Whether you are just ordering a dish for yourself or planning on sharing it with your friends, plenty of mouth-watering options is there to choose from. The menu changes every now and then, but still capable of the staples that have become favorites.


This sustainable restaurant in Vancouver BC mainly combines comfort and adventure in their dishes as well as décor. Their menu focuses on using all the parts from an animal, there is also a good combination of both not so familiar and familiar items. The restaurant is very passionate when it comes to sourcing their ingredients coming from the local farmers. This is to ensure that they are supporting the ethical practices that are good for both the animals being consumed and for the environment.


This award-winning romantic and elegant restaurant is located in Kitsilano. The place mainly features an imaginative seasonal menu, which specializes in cuisines from the Pacific Northwest. A professional and friendly staff present a menu that changes every week and features the freshest ingredients such as Fraser Valley lamb, BC spot prawns, and Cowichan Bay Farms duck.


The Flying Pig

This sustainable restaurant is an addition to the dining scene in Yaletown that attracts an easy going crowd that mainly adores comfortable atmosphere and good food. The comforting menu options that it provides will definitely make you feel as if you are eating a soft cloud from food heaven with every bite. Finally, you will find local and seasonal ingredients on the Pacific Northwest influenced menu.

Edible Canada

Granville Island is one of the favorite places for locals and visitors to shop for interesting and local vegetables, fruits, seafood, meats, baked goods, and any other tasty delights. Their menus items are sourced from Canada such as their wine and vegetables. The menu that this sustainable restaurant offers changes in order to reflect what is in season.

Those are just five of the many sustainable restaurants in Vancouver BC. So what are you waiting for? Visit them now and get ready to try their best tasting dishes!

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