Employee of the Month: 2018 Overview

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As we wrap up the year, we at Canadian Mattress Recycling want to highlight the work our employees have done this year. One of our traditions is naming an Employee of the Month, and donating on behalf of the employee to a charity of their choice.

We believe in helping local and global initiatives, particularly those that work towards preserving the environment, improving health and education, and nurturing community spirit. 

Without further ado, here are our 2018 employees of the month to date:


Jeremy B.           

Jeremy is our Weekend Supervisor and has been overseeing a very successful crew with us since two summers ago.  When he was chosen as the Employee of the Month, he asked that the donation we make to charity in his honour be made to Variety Children’s Charity.


Kurt N.                               

Kurt wears many hats at our company and has been with us for over a year.  He asked that the donation we made in his honour go to supporting Vancouver Canucks Autism Network.


Wilson A.                                                        

Wilson has worked in our warehouse for nearly two years and really excels being part of the small team that operates our heavy machinery.  He selected OWL to receive a donation from us in his honour as Employee of the Month.

April, May, and June

Ernesto P., Elyas S., and Sue Z.

A long-term warehouse employee, Ernesto has been working hard for us for nearly six years!  He is always smiling and happy and that helps everyone get through long work days. 

Elyas, the youngest of the warehouse staff, has been working here for over two years and is a great team player.

Sue, our Office Manager and another long-term valuable employee of over four years, has incredible multi-tasking and customer service skills.

We were really ‘feeling the love’ in our office for the plight of tall, gentle giants and Ernesto, Elyas, and Sue all directed their company-made donations to Giraffe Conservation Foundation. Read our blog post about the donation here.


Jimmy D. (charity still undecided)

It’s been nearly a year since Jimmy started as a Supervisor with us and he did a great job training a new shift of staff.


Eduardo B.        

Eduardo isn’t one to complain much and just focuses on getting the job done.  He’s been back with us for over a year and asked that we make our donation in his honour towards his faith so a church in Vancouver was the recipient.


Nemilito D.

Lito was a huge help in the warehouse in Sept being flexible with his hours to help out on forklift duty when Mandi was still only able to work part-time. That month was still super-busy for us and we really needed his help with that.


Michelle C.

Michelle has done so much amazing work for us this fall improving our website, our online forms, and everything in social media. She has helped elevated our online presence and company profile and was very enthusiastic doing so.


Sue Z. 

Sue has done great running the office this fall. There has been a huge number of things to coordinate and set up and Sue has handled it all very well. 



Write-up coming soon.

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