The Value of Honest Work: An Internship at CMRI

The Value of Honest Work: An Internship at CMRI

Learning everything about marketing in my academics and studying every aspect of it has prepared me for entering the industry as a new marketer.

When I first encountered CMRI on my school’s internship job board, I was not exactly sure on what to expect if I was hired for the position of a Marketing Assistant at a mattress recycling company. I did my research on the prerequisites in the job description, the company background, and their values, and it seemed promising, but I would never know for sure until the first day on the job.

When I finally arrived, I was met with a positive welcome by the friendly HR Generalist and got a tour of the facility alongside an up-to-speed on what the company does and why they do it. Working with a team and a company that was genuine in their goals of promoting sustainability and green values was a breath of fresh air, as “greenwashing” was a not so uncommon occurrence with “sustainable” companies. I was able to see in-person the recyclable materials of mattresses and furniture being extracted and repurposed or donated to the community.

In addition, the marketing content I contributed was tailored towards sharing advice about being green, increasing awareness of ‘Days’ (like World Lion Day) and organizations saving the planet, and promoting the circular economy. The workplace environment was genuine as well as you would assume CEOs are usually mysterious boogeymen you rarely get to meet, but the CEO of CMRI is a very amiable and down-to-earth individual you can talk to at work.

Overall, the internship I had at CMRI taught me the differences between a “good” and a “bad” company and allowed me to develop the skills I learned from my academics. This may be the end of my work period with CMRI, but my time with them will help me in understanding what companies worth marketing for are like, and the ones that are not. I look forward to seeing CMRI continue being an example of the value of honest work!

Words by: Alec Chiev