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In 2018, Canadian Mattress Recycling donated a silent auction prize worth over $200.00 of our recycling services to the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs fundraising gala. The Odium Brown FWE Gala (Pitch for the Purse) showcased three competitors, Squiggle Park, Flytographer, and AVA  Technologies, with Flytographer taking home the $25,000 prize. The gala raised over $750,000 for the charity.

Forum for Women Entrepreneurs

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About the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE)

FWE is a Vancouver-based charity that supports, mentors, and connects women entrepreneurs in the region. Supporting women entrepreneurs will help make our economies stronger, and help make our communities thrive. Their programs include the above Pitch for the Purse competition and their E-Series, a three-day education program that provides entrepreneurship training.

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