How To Get Rid of A Box Spring

How To Get Rid of A Box Spring

Is the process of finding out how to recycle a box spring stressing you out?

Box springs can be difficult items to recycle, or to get rid of from your home. Not only are they bulky, they’re also heavy to lift and difficult to transport in a regular car. And in cities such as Vancouver, many people are opting to ditching their cars, making it stressful to find out how to get rid of a box spring when the time comes.

Though, look no further – our guide will explain the six different ways you can dispose of a box spring. Some options may be more environmentally friendly than others. Still, as long as they’re disposed of properly and not illegally dumped in a back alley or side-street, that’s good enough!

Our tips below is written for Vancouver residents in mind. However, if you live abroad or in other Canadian cities, you might find our guide a helpful starting place.

Two methods to get rid of a box spring

1. Landfill the box spring

Most often than not, box springs are dumped in landfills. This is what most people do, with the services available from the city. Vancouverites and those who live in the Lower Mainland often take their box springs to the transfer stations, where they pay a levy and fee to dispose of their box spring. Some cities such as Richmond and Surrey sort the box springs they receive at the transfer stations. Clean or gently used box springs get transferred to a mattress recycler. Dirty or contaminated box springs are landfilled.

This is a process many have done before, for countless years. However, if you’re looking for a more sustainable option, keep reading.

2. Recycle the box spring

Did you know box springs can be recycled? Not all cities have box spring recycling programs, but if you live in Vancouver or the Lower Mainland, you’re in luck!

Vancouverites can take their box springs to a mattress recycler. The recycler will inspect your box spring to see if it can be recycled. Then, they’ll charge you a recycling fee – often $20 to $25 for each box spring. The box spring will then be recycled in their facility by laborers. Materials such as fabric, foam, polyester filling, and wood get separated and sorted. A special recycler will take these materials for recycling. This way, no materials end up in landfills.

Unfortunately, the truth is that not a lot of people know about recycling services like these. Still too many box springs end up in landfills each year across Canada. Worse, people dump box springs on the side of the road, or in alleys. Called illegal dumping, this action costs cities – and residents – thousands of dollars a year to clean up.

So whether you decide to landfill or recycle the box spring, both options are better than none.

Box Spring Disposal Services

Here’s another breakdown on how you can dispose of your box spring.

You can:

1. Take the box spring to a recycler

2. Take the box spring to a landfill site or transfer station

3. Book a large-item pickup through your city waste disposal services if they offer it

4. Book a large-item bin to dispose of your box springs

5. Hire a junk removal company to take your box spring from your house

6. Hire a mattress removal company to do the same thing

We will discuss the pros and cons of each option below.

One: Take the box spring to a recycler


  • The box spring will be recycled properly
  • You save money by not having to hire someone to take your box spring
  • You may save money on tipping fees and/or levies


  • You need your own form of transportation
  • Box springs can be heavy to lift by yourself
  • The recycler may be too far from your home

Two: Take the box spring to the local transfer station


  • Depending on the landfill, they may send your box spring to a recycler
  • They may be located closer to where you live
  • By doing the loading/unloading yourself, you save a lot of money


  • Transporting a box spring may not be easy for the average resident
  • Strapping a box spring to the back of your truck may be dangerous
  • You may have to pay an extra fee to dump box springs in a landfill

Three: Book a pickup through the city


  • The large item pickup may be free of charge for local residents
  • You can leave the item outside and not have to be home for the pickup
  • The box springs will be taken from your doorstep on time


  • There may be a limit on how many items you can get rid of a year
  • You may have to wait to get rid of other box springs if you go over the limit
  • They may come around only during specific days of the week

Four: Rent a dumpster


  • While you have the bin, you can also get rid of other junk in your home
  • Some are priced by load or weight, not the item you get rid of
  • The company will dump your items for you when the bin’s filled up


  • Bin rentals may charge by hour or day, or by load, and can get expensive really fast
  • You may live in a townhouse or apartment suite, so there’s no room
  • You may not know for sure if your items get recycled

Five: Hire a junk removal company


  • You don’t have to do the heavy lifting – a boon if you live in a townhouse or apartment suite
  • You can often get rid of other junk outside of box springs with these companies
  • Some items can be cheaper to get rid of, especially metal ones


  • Your box spring may not get recycled
  • It can get pricey to remove and haul your box spring through a junk removal company
  • You may have to rearrange your schedule to be home for the pickup

Six: Book a pickup through a recycler


  • You get to leave the heavy lifting to a professional
  • You know for sure your box spring will get recycled
  • Depending on the service, you may not even need to be home for the pickup day


  • The price of service can be more expensive
  • The time of pickup  can be limited to specific hours
  • There’s less flexibility in what they take if you have other items such as appliances