4 Sustainable Kickstarter Projects To Look Out For In 2019

4 Sustainable Kickstarter Projects To Look Out For In 2019

Kickstarter – we all know about the platform, and can probably think of one or two projects successfully funded through it. But can you say the same thing about sustainable Kickstarter projects, or projects on Kickstarters that do good for the environment? Here’s our round up of Kickstarter projects we found interesting!

Lupe Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Created by former Dyson experts, this Kickstarter Project claims that the vacuum will be the best performing cordless vacuum in the world, complete with its own patented technology. It does more with less, and outperforms existing cordless vacuums.

With a 60 minute run-time between charges, it’s packed with more than enough power for a small and larger living space. The vacuum’s 3-in-1 mode also has an additional benefit: the vacuum won’t be too heavy to lift. It’s a difference between 5lbs for current vacuums, and 1 lbs for the Lupe. Not to mention, we really like the stylish and modern black and white design.

The Urban Jacket

A stylish, technical jacket, this is one of the Kickstarter projects that caught our eye. Every jacket is bold and bright, and so is its environmental commitment. The jacket is made of 30 recycled plastic bottles. Right now there are 154 backers for the project, pledging close to $25,000.

But what makes the Urban Jacket an Urban Jacket?

For starters, the creators behind the Kickstarter designed the jacket to fit with a bike helmet, perfect for keeping one cool and dry in the rain. It’s lightweight, windproof, and waterproof. Also, it has a reflective mode perfect for riding a bike at night, or in imperfect conditions.  Another cool feature is that the jacket is breathable – and comes with ‘pit zips’, which help ventilate odors and sweat from your armpits. We think this would be really helpful in rainier cities such as Vancouver, also for cities like Surrey where people rely on public transit more.

Check out the project here.

FYTA Beam – The Smart Plant Sensor

Next up, FYTA Beam, the Smart Plant Sensor! If you’re just like us, and struggle with keeping plants alive at home, this sensor and app will take the guesswork out of gardening!

Designed to be used for indoor plants, this sensor tracks multiple important variables for plant health. Then, it notifies you through the app when you need to water the plant, or give it more sunlight. It also helps you identify your plants through a simple quiz through the app so that even beginner gardeners can take care of their plants.

Sloactive – World’s Most Sustainable Luxury Oceanwear

This is definitely another product on our to-watch-for list! This fantastic swimwear, made in Italy, boasts a plant-based fabric called Yulex.

Here are its highlights:

  • Made from Yulex, a plant-based, sustainable alternative to neoprene
  • The process of making Yulex is a zero-waste one
  • A tree is planted for every swimwear bought to offset CO2 emissions.

Learn more about this project here.