SAINTS (Senior Animals In Need Today Society)

SAINTS (Senior Animals In Need Today Society)

Senior Animals in Need Today Society

Mission, BC houses SAINTS (Senior Animals In Need Today Society), an end-of-life sanctuary for senior and special needs animals. Since 2004, the organization has supported all kinds of animals that come into their care. Providing a permanent home to elderly companion animals ensure they receive the love and care they so rightly deserve. Medical treatments are also available for animals at SAINTS.

Our Donation to SAINTS

Since 2016, Canadian Mattress Recycling has donated many pet beds to the sanctuary. We have also donated $500 to help with the medical and housing needs of these animals. The cushions that we donate are in good condition, salvaged from old furniture we recycle.

In 2020, we have donated $500 to this charity.

SAINTS Programs and Fundraisers

Every year, SAINTS raises funds for medical bills. In 2017 alone, vet bills total $205,000. Most of the resident animals arrive at the sanctuary with huge vet bills. By fundraising and running a sponsorship program, SAINTS can continue providing care for these animals. Last year, SAINTS ran a fundraiser called “the Amazing Raise” where groups raised funds for specific species of animals, from dogs to horses, to cats and bunnies. The Amazing Race occurs annually, so be sure to stay up to date for the next time it’s around!

The Sponsorship Program

The medical care and attention new arrivals need can be pricy. The average monthly vet bill is $10,000. Therefore, the organization has opened a sponsorship program to allow people to sponsor an animal of their choice. Dogs, cats, rabbits, and barnyard animals are all open to sponsorship. Sponsorship is a fantastic way to provide care and love towards an animal – especially if you can’t foster or adopt one.


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