5 Environment Themed Halloween Costumes

5 Environment Themed Halloween Costumes

These days, Halloween has become a bit of a nightmare for the environment. In Vancouver, People are not getting scared of witches and ghosts anymore. Rather the economy and environment are the frightening issues causing the event to be pretty scary.

In fact, anything that lacks the use of some sort of chemical-based industrial components would be considered un-festive. But there is no need to celebrate the eve of All Saints’ Day under artificial conditions. The best way to balance out this bad environmental karma is to do away with those costumes that are made with all sorts of non-recyclable, unsustainable materials.

If you are looking to go all natural this time and you desire to make an environmental statement for your trick-or-treating event in Vancouver, here are five (5) environmentally friendly Halloween costumes you may want to consider.

Mother Nature

When it comes to explaining nature through dressing, there are lots of great ideas to choose from. Basically, you are dressing to reflect the elements of nature and the beauty that lies within. Gather some natural materials such as flowers, pinecones, vines, and leaves to make a necklace or a wreath while you find so earth-colored clothes to put on. Interestingly, aside from clothing, you can reflect the naturalistic nature of life via hairstyles and makeup with natural items like bones, stones, cowries, shells, and every other natural object you can think of.


One fun way to dress for Halloween is by showcasing greenwashing. All you need to do is to get totally dressed in green and take along some cleaning supplies with you such as a scrub brush, a bucket, and a sponge. It’s easy to put such a clever costume together. You will surely get people talking whenever you show up in such costume.

Captain Planet

Let people know more about the importance of caring for the environment by the way you dress for Halloween. It was for this purpose that Captain Planet was created in the early 1990s by Ted Turner. All you need to wear is a red superhero suit and color your hair green and your skin blue.

Vampire Energy

Borrow a vampire cape from a friend or purchase one at a thrift store. Get some handled device chargers or electrical cords and drape them around your waist or shoulders to portray the outlook of energy vampires. Remember to wear vampire fangs and slick back your hair.

Global Warming

Find some construction paper, fabric or felt and use them to make continent shapes. Color them in green and pin them to your blue clothes. Complain about the hot climate while you use your handkerchief to wipe your sweaty brow.

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