Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada

Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada

Our Donation to Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada

Since 2014, Canadian Mattress Recycling has donated $7,300 to Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada. Our funds have supported cheetah conservation programs in Namibia, saving these felines from extinction. We’re always delighted to support global conservation initiatives — we believe that through environmental stewardship, we can make the world a better place.

In 2020, we have donated $5,000 to this charity.

Keep reading to learn about the CCFC and what they do for cheetahs.

Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada supports the research and conservation projects taking place to protect these majestic felines. The Canadian arm of the organization fundraises for four programs: educational outreach in schools across Namibia, farmer education, livestock guard dog training, and cheetah rehabilitation.

But you may be wondering – why cheetahs?

Cheetahs are the fastest land mammal on Earth, but even they cannot outrun the threat of extinction. Cheetahs, much like other wildlife, increasingly face pressure from human settling in the grasslands they call home. Over decades of conflicts, the cheetah population has dwindled. Now less than 7100 cheetahs roam the wild.

The cheetah is also an apex predator, which means their presence keeps natural ecosystems in sync. When their population is threatened, this poses a massive risk for local ecosystems and natural habitats.

How cheetahs are struggling in the wild

  • Climate change is affecting local habitats – not even the cheetahs are immune from the effects of climate change
  • Human settlements are taking over the grasslands cheetahs used to roam
  • Illegal hunting has increased for cheetah pelts

Also, when cheetahs enter human settlements, stalking livestock, they get caught in traps. These injured felines are then killed or disposed off by local farmers who only want to protect their livelihoods.

What can we do to save the cheetahs?

As a long-time sponsor for Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada, we highly recommend making a charitable donation of any amount to the organization. The Cheetah Conservation Fund – the parent organization – actively sends biologists and conservationists to Namibia and other regions where cheetahs roam. They work with farmers to train livestock guard dogs, which have been able to keep cheetahs away from towns and villages. They also help rehabilitate injured cheetahs, nursing them back to health before sending them into the wild. CCF also educates the next generation of farmers and land managers in regions with cheetahs. They work with locals to reduce the number of conflicts with cheetahs. Together, they’re ensuring that humans and these felines can co-exist on Earth.

Interested in learning more about the CCFC?

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