The Nature Trust of BC

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The Nature Trust of BC protects the natural riches of British Columbia. Since 1971, the conservation organization has acquired, protected, and cared for over 175,000 acres across BC. With over 480 ongoing conservation projects, The Nature Trust of BC is making sure that the natural ecosystems of BC are preserved for generations to come.

Programs Run by The Nature Trust Of BC

Some programs from Nature Trust of BC include walking tours and conservation youth crews. They host walking tours, open to the public, at certain times throughout the year. These tours give BC residents a chance to learn about the conservation projects in BC’s back country. They learn about fragile ecosystems at work in the province.

The Nature Trust of BC also hires and trains students for their Conservation Youth Crews. Working on exciting conservation projects, youth are given a critical insight into the conservation field, making them appreciate the ecosystems BC has to offer. Ultimately, youth practice stewardship, and leave the crew with a heightened understanding of how humans can coexist with nature.

But Why These Projects?

Specific areas in BC – such as the Columbia River wetlands and the Salmon River estuary – are the only habitats of their kind in western BC. These critical areas support a myriad of wildlife from Pacific salmon, owls, and elks. By conserving these areas, wildlife are able to thrive.

When residents make a donation in exchange for our recycled materials – such as cushions, we donate all the funds raised to reputable charities. Many charities and organizations we support are involved in environmental conservation.

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