Questions You Should Ask Before Throwing Away A Mattress

Questions You Should Ask Before Throwing Away A Mattress

As we head into spring cleaning, we begin to wonder how we can even start throwing away our mattresses and old furniture cluttering up our homes. Sometimes the task can seem stressful and exhausting. Sometimes we don’t know where to start, or how to even think about throwing our mattresses away. So we have put together the top 5 questions to ask yourself. Following these suggestions can help make your spring cleaning less stressful!

1. Do I really need to replace my mattress?

Sometimes we replace things that don’t need to be replaced. Mattresses are one of them, especially if they are in good condition or almost brand new. Maybe there is a better sale for another brand mattress, but ask yourself if you really need it. Of course, when your mattress gets old through wear and tear, it is time for a replacement. However, asking yourself if you really need to is the first step to making sure mattresses stay out of landfills. Mattresses take up a lot of landfill space, and it takes about 80 to 100 years to fully decompose. Materials inside the mattress, from the springs to the fiber, can also leak into the soil and groundwater. These chemicals can be toxic for the environment, and for us.

2. What condition is my mattress in?

This is one of the most important questions to ask. Depending on the condition of your mattress, transfer stations or recycling centers might reject it. Keeping your old mattress in good condition and unsoaked is the best way to save money, as it often costs more to recycle a wet or soaked mattress than a dry one. If your mattress has bed bugs in them, there are specific steps you need to take before a recycling center or transfer station is willing to pick it up. This is due to cross-contamination and facilities working to reduce the spreading of these pests.

One of the best ways to avoid unnecessary hassle is to take good care of your mattress while you use it. When you start thinking about replacing your old mattress, store your old one away in a clean and dry environment. Then days, weeks, and months after, when you finally decide to recycle your mattress, you can do so without a lot of hassle. The better you take care of your mattress, is the more likely it can be recycled. Thoughtful planning and use of your items can help save a lot of headaches down the road!

Fun fact: did you know up to 95% of a mattress can be recycled?

3. Do I need my mattress picked up?

When you’ve decided to recycle your mattress, think about whether you need a pickup service or have the ability to drop off your mattress at a nearby recycling facility. If you need a mattress picked up, what would be the best day or hours? Take a look at your schedule to see what works best. We are all busy individuals, but conserving our environment can be as simple as taking the time to schedule a mattress pickup for recycling instead of taking it to the landfills or throwing it on the side of a road.

Did you know: you can be fined for dumping a mattress by a road or an alley.

4. Can I drop-off a mattress?

You can also drop-off mattresses depending on the facility you choose. This is a good time to start planning how you can get there, at that time, to avoid rushing. Perhaps you can find a time outside of rush hour to drop it off. If you are also looking to reduce your carbon emissions while driving, you can also offer to drop off your neighbour’s mattresses. Certain recycling centers offer discounts for mattress drop-offs, and you will able to save on pickup fees.

Keeping your mattresses and garbage out of landfills help protect our environment.

5. Can I donate a mattress?

Maybe you don’t want to drop off a mattress for recycling or hire a pickup service. That’s okay too. Think about ways you can avoid letting your mattress end up in landfills. One of the ways you can do this is by asking your friends and families if anyone is looking for a mattress. Some of the drawbacks about giving away a mattress is the condition that it is in. People can be afraid of mold, bed bugs, and contaminated mattresses. So keep yours in good condition if you’re thinking about giving it away later! If not, you may have to consider recycling your mattress, instead of donating.

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