Veterinarians Without Borders

Veterinarians Without Borders

Another recipient of a $1,000 charitable donation from our company is Veterinarians Without Borders. VWB was founded in 2005. We’re delighted to support an organization such as theirs.

They envision a healthy world where healthy people and animals thrive. They’re practicing veterinarians who believe in the benefits of eco health. They’ve worked tirelessly over the years to reduce animal-borne diseases. By doing so, they can reduce the incidents where these diseases pass from animals to humans such as SARS.

During the past year , they sent volunteers to Ghana, Laos, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Vietnam – individuals who have stayed for weeks or months at a time. These volunteers have included veterinarians, vet students, vet techs, development specialists, gender equality advisors, communications experts and monitoring and evaluation advisors.

VWB’s partnership with Canadian veterinary schools in Northern Canada continues to evolve. Together, they’re developing a comprehensive OneHealth program to improve the health of people and animals in remote communities.

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