Where to Buy Used Furniture

Where to Buy Used Furniture

There’s a simple reason why more people are shopping for used furniture — they’re often more affordable than brand new ones.

But, there are other reasons used furniture has such an appeal. Nowadays, furniture decor come in and out of style quickly in modern big-box stores, while you will have a higher chance of finding something special in a used furniture shop. Sometimes shopping at a used furniture store lets you marvel at the craftsmanship of each item, from coffee tables to desks, and from ottomans to couches.

It’s not to say you can’t find quality items in a big-box furniture store. You can, but why limit yourself to the big chains?

Benefits of Buying Used Furniture


Where do I start?

Nowadays, a quick Google search is our first step.

But do you know how to fully explore the used furniture stores near you?

One way to really get a good idea of what’s available is to not only search for ‘used furniture store’ in Google, but to include keywords like ‘liquidators’, ‘thrift stores’, ‘consignment furniture stores’ and ‘antique furniture store’. Many of these stores carry used furniture carefully vetted by the owners for quality.

You can also start with the places carrying used furniture below.

Used Furniture in Abbotsford


Similar to Craigslist, Used.ca is the Fraser Valley’s popular buy and sell online site. The site allows you to search by city, so be sure to type in Fraser Valley for the most accurate listings. Another option is to sort by items. If you’re looking for household furniture, you can search just for household furniture. Some listings we’ve found include cabinets, dressers, shelves, armchairs, and dining tables. Other listings include area rugs, coffee tables, and leather couches! Be sure to verify these listings before you purchase them. The benefit of searching on Used.ca is that these items would normally cost an arm and a leg. However, now you are able to purchase them at a reasonable price.


MCC Thrift Shop is a branch of the Mennonite Central Committee, located in Abbotsford. All the goods the organization sells benefit their local humanitarian programs. Much like the Salvation Army, the thrift shop relies on donated goods for sale. If you’re interested in helping a local organization support people struggling from poverty, conflict, and distress from natural disasters, head to MCC Thrift Shop. Items in their shop include used furniture, home decor, and kitchenware.

Their store is located: 33933 Gladys Ave, Abbotsford, BC V2S 2E8


L.I.F.E.’s Second Chance Store often have used appliances and furniture for sale. Local residents donate good-condition furniture to the store so that they can support the society’s mission. A registered non-profit, L.I.F.E Recovery helps women overcome substance addiction. So if you’re in the area, be sure to drop by their Second Chance store to shop for used furniture, clothing, shoes, and other items!

The store is located: 31550 S Fraser Way #7, Abbotsford, BC V2T 4C6


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Used Furniture in Vancouver


Based in Vancouver, Anzico Hotel Furniture Liquidators sells quality used hotel furniture. They have it all, from chairs to tables to desks and drawers. What people don’t realize is that hotel furniture aren’t only good for hotels; they can be used for living rooms, offices, or bedrooms. Most of the items are available at a reduced price. They also offer delivery options. Their online website shows the products they have in stock.

Their address: 250 Terminal Ave, Vancouver, BC V6A 2L4


Consignment Canada carries mid to high-end upholstered furniture. The items are gently used and in good condition. What many people don’t realize is that while the items are second-hand, consignment stores like this one require all items in their shop to have resale value, and must fit their requirements to be sold. While you’re there, check out their artwork and jewellery sections.

A quick search on their website produces results including a teak table for $495 and a maple wood table for $895. Although pricier than most used furniture stores, you know exactly what you’re getting. Besides, buying used from a consignment store helps keep these well-crafted, antique pieces out of landfills.

Consignment Canada is located in North Vancouver. If it is a bit out of your way, consider making a day trip out to the North Shore. Who knows, you may find something extra special within your budget to complement your house!

Location: 171 Pemberton Ave, North Vancouver, BC V7P 2R4


Turnabout Home, located at 3109 Granville St, Vancouver, is another furniture store that supplies used goods. They are similar to Consignment Canada in price — their furniture is not always cheap, but for the condition and quality it’s an acceptable trade-off. You can find gorgeous breakfast tables for $119.99, baby-blue swivel tub chairs for $599.99, and more. You can buy items online from their from their e-commerce store, and then pickup at their location in Vancouver.



One of the first places most people check for used furniture is Facebook Marketplace. However, did you know there are many stores in Vancouver and Abbotsford that carry gently used furniture? Compared to big box stores, consignment stores and hotel liquidators and thrift stores are treasure troves for those seeking timeless pieces. Also, used furniture stores help Metro Vancouver reduce the amount of furniture going into landfills. Many of these items are well crafted, timeless pieces, and are in need of a new owner. Many stores like the ones listed above carry furniture at a better price, and you can also shop for other items while you’re there. Who knows, you may be able to find a great deal on a nice piece of furniture for your home!

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