Canadian Honey Council

Canadian Honey Council

Recently, Canadian Mattress Recycling Inc. donated $250 to the Canadian Honey Council in support of their research to save the bees.

Why Are Bees Important?

Bees act as important pollinators for crops and fruits. A third of all the food we consume relies on the pollination by these honeybees. From crops to fruit, bees help keep our food production alive. In British Columbia alone, honeybees contribute around $470 million to the British Columbian economy!

Putting the “Bee” in BC

While we researched about honeybees for this article, we also discovered some interesting facts about bees and beekeeping in British Columbia. In the province alone, there are over 500 beekeepers, with more enrolled in professional commercial beekeeping programs. Beekeeping in BC oversees over 25,000 colonies of honeybees. According to the BC Honey Producer’s Association, beekeeping is a crucial practice, and industry, that supports a variety of crops and fruits in the country.

What is the Canadian Honey Council?

The Canadian Honey Council is in charge of labelling, grading, and marketing honey nationally. The CHC also provides research funding to support studies for bee health. Honeybee populations have been falling across the world – and the CHC’s research funding helps study, and protect, these important pollinators.

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Canadian Mattress Recycling Inc. is proud to donate $250 towards the Canadian Honey Council’s Canadian Bee Research Fund. We are a locally owned BC business dedicated to environmental preservation. We have recycled over 25 million lbs of mattresses and furniture, and supported over 90 organizations and charities seeking to make the world a better place. We believe in supporting the communities that support us.

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