How to Dispose Appliances in Vancouver

How to Dispose Appliances in Vancouver


Getting rid of appliances appropriately can be a massive headache. They can be too heavy to carry or fit into a car. But when your washing machine breaks down, how do you get rid of it responsibly?

Here are six ways to dispose appliances in Vancouver:

  • Hire a service: get a junk removal company to take the appliance away
  • Recycle it: let a recycler take your old appliance
  • Ask around: ask your neighbours or strata for help
  • Drop it off: some retailers accept old appliances for recycling
  • Sell it: fix your appliance and sell it on an online marketplace
  • Get help: contact your city’s waste disposal department for assistance

Option One: Hire an appliance removal service

The best hands-off way to dispose of an old washing machine or stove is to hire a junk removal service to pick it up for you. Some services will landfill the appliance. Others will recycle it.

Option Two: Recycle The Appliance

Alternatively, you can always find the nearest recycling depot to take your old appliances.

Here’s some recycling resources to get you started:

City of Vancouver – Recycling Page

Check out the City of Vancouver recycling page. Appliances can be difficult to recycle or dispose of, but the Waste Wizard exists to help you find out what goes where.

Regional Recycling

Regional Recycling takes residential appliances such as fridges and stoves. Bring your old appliances to a Regional Recycling location.

ElectroRecycle Program

The ElectroRecycle program accepts small appliances, power tools, and even exercise machines for recycling. With over 200 collection sites across BC, you can easily find somewhere to drop off your old appliances.

Recycling Council of British Columbia

Finally, the Recycling Council of British Columbia has a Recycling Hotline that you can call to inquire about how to recycle specific appliances. They can also answer questions. You could also find depots that accept specific appliances through their website.

Option Three: Ask Your Neighbours or Strata Council

If these resources still draw a blank for you, we suggest asking a neighbour or strata.

They can recommend you a solution for your appliance disposal needs. They may also let you know about upcoming events to help you dispose of the items.

Some stratas will hire a big bin several times a year for its residents to dispose of appliances and large furniture, free of cost. You never know what is available through your strata unless you ask!

Option Four: Recycle the appliance through a business

Check your recycling options in your city. You may be able to recycle old appliances at a local retailer, such as a Best Buy, London Drugs, or Staples.  Give the stores a call, or visit their website for more information.

Did you know: London Drugs will take back appliances purchased from their store, such as toasters, coffee makers, and other electronics.

Option Five: Fix your appliance and sell it online

Test your luck by selling your old appliance online. Fix it, give it a polish, and you never know who may be interested in buying it! Sites like kajiji, craiglist, Facebook marketplace, and can be great sites to post your item.

Option Six: Contact your city’s waste disposal department

Many residents don’t know cities are often the best resource! Visit your city’s waste disposal department website or give them a call. Many of their staff are educated, and can help you find a place to dispose of your old appliances.

Resource: Junk Removal Services in Vancouver that take Appliances

Not sure where to start your research? We’ve put together a list of Metro Vancouver junk removal businesses. Note that listing these companies do not mean we endorse them. Please do your research to see if they are the right fit for your needs.


Just Junk is a local company that removes appliances if you live in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. They take dishwashers, toasters, fridges, and more. When you book with them, they charge based on volume depending on how much space your items take up in their trucks.

2. Ronald’s Rubbish

Another junk removal company that takes appliances is Ronald’s Rubbish. They have a crew of insured and uniformed laborers, and they offer same day service.

They are based in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, so contact them to see how much it costs to remove your appliance.

3. Russel’s Rubbish Removal

Another company you can check out to remove appliances is Russell’s Rubbish Removal. They have been around since 1997 and serve White Rock, South Surrey, Surrey and Langley areas. They take electronics too, so be sure to check out their site.

4. Junk Removal Express

Finally, another company you can check out is Junk Removal Express. They can remove appliances and also larger items like hot tubs and other items that are difficult to discard. They service Surrey BC but you can still give them a call or check their website if they serve Vancouver.

5. Canadian Mattress Recycling

Yes, we’re going to mention our own company. In addition to the mattresses we take, like our name suggests, we also do residential pickups for any appliance other than fridges. Give our office a call during our hours to inquire what appliances we accept for recycling.

This blog post is written to help Metro Vancouver residents dispose of their old appliances responsibly. Together we can reduce illegal dumping in our streets, and find a sustainable disposal method to get rid of old washing machines, fridges, and more.

Canadian Mattress Recycling is Metro Vancouver’s leading mattress recycler. Our recycling facility accepts appliances (except for fridges). Check our recycling rates and visit our facility today!