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We made a $200 donation to Canine Benefactors Society. They are an organization that purchases and donates veterinary oxygen masks for firefighters to use when they find pets in fires. Pets, like birds, dogs, and cats, use these masks since human masks won’t work for them. These special masks save animal lives.

From their Facebook Page:

The Canine Benefactors Society was founded in 2005 with the goals of educating owners, children, students and the general public in aspects of dog safety including interaction with dogs, and awareness of dog related responsibilities for owners and those interacting with dogs.

One of our main goals currently is helping reduce the number of unnecessary pet deaths in emergencies due to lack of pet-specific equipment. This is being done through the donation of animal oxygen mask sets to Fire and EMS stations across Canada. If you’d like to help please consider donating, or liking/sharing this page with friends and family!

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