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Canine Benefactors Society

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We’re delighted to make a $200 monetary contribution to the Canine Benefactors Society. The organization, based in Burnaby BC, can be seen at local trade shows in Abbotsford. 

What is the Canine Benefactors Society?

Founded in 2005, the organization wanted to educate pet owners, children, and public how to interact with pets during an emergency. In addition, they focus on providing equipment to prevent the death of these beloved pets during an emergency such as a house fire.

Caring for Pets in Emergencies

In particular, house fires could be deadly for pets due to smoke inhalation. Yet not a lot of people know how to rescue pets in these situations. Even some Fire and EMS stations don’t have the proper equipment to help pets in these situations.

What does the Canine Benefactors Society do?

Therefore, the Canine Benefactors Society donates animal oxygen masks to these Fire and EMS stations. Equipping these professionals with the necessary tools is the first step to save pets during emergencies. Veterinary oxygen masks save cats, dogs, birds, and other pets. However, these masks can be difficult to come by for fire departments. That’s why the Society hosts fundraisers, making donations on their behalf.

Also, the Society makes it easy for fire and rescue departments know if you have pets at home through the sale of their stickers. These simple tools help let rescue staff know that you have a pet at home – that require attention during an emergency.

What can you do for your pets?

If you have a pet at home, do you know how to assist them during an emergency? Be sure to have a strategy to help them out of your home in the case of an emergency. Last but not least, be sure to support organizations such as Canine Benefactors Society that make it possible for firefighters and EMSes to save your pet.

Canadian Mattress Recycling Inc. is a proud supporter of community organizations. We truly believe in supporting the communities that support us, especially the ones working to improve the health of animals and wildlife, preserve, and foster community engagement. Read about the other organizations we have supported in the past. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more.

Royal City Humane Society

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