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5 Environment Themed Halloween Costumes

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These days, Halloween has become a bit of a nightmare for the environment. In Vancouver, People are not getting scared of witches and ghosts anymore. Rather the economy and environment are the frightening issues causing the event to be pretty scary.

In fact, anything that lacks the use of some sort of chemical-based industrial components would be considered un-festive. But there is no need to celebrate the eve of All Saints’ Day under artificial conditions. The best way to balance out this bad environmental karma is to do away with those costumes that are made with all sorts of non-recyclable, unsustainable materials.

If you are looking to go all natural this time and you desire to make an environmental statement for your trick-or-treating event in Vancouver, here are five (5) environmentally friendly Halloween costumes you may want to consider.

Mother Nature

When it comes to explaining nature through dressing, there are lots of great ideas to choose from. Basically, you are dressing to reflect the elements of nature and the beauty that lies within. Gather some natural materials such as flowers, pinecones, vines, and leaves to make a necklace or a wreath while you find so earth-colored clothes to put on. Interestingly, aside from clothing, you can reflect the naturalistic nature of life via hairstyles and makeup with natural items like bones, stones, cowries, shells, and every other natural object you can think of.


One fun way to dress for Halloween is by showcasing greenwashing. All you need to do is to get totally dressed in green and take along some cleaning supplies with you such as a scrub brush, a bucket, and a sponge. It’s easy to put such a clever costume together. You will surely get people talking whenever you show up in such costume.

Captain Planet

Let people know more about the importance of caring for the environment by the way you dress for Halloween. It was for this purpose that Captain Planet was created in the early 1990s by Ted Turner. All you need to wear is a red superhero suit and color your hair green and your skin blue.

Vampire Energy

Borrow a vampire cape from a friend or purchase one at a thrift store. Get some handled device chargers or electrical cords and drape them around your waist or shoulders to portray the outlook of energy vampires. Remember to wear vampire fangs and slick back your hair.

Global Warming

Find some construction paper, fabric or felt and use them to make continent shapes. Color them in green and pin them to your blue clothes. Complain about the hot climate while you use your handkerchief to wipe your sweaty brow.

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5 Cool Things To Do With Old Mattresses

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In cities outside of the Lower Mainland, most mattresses aren’t recycled, and end up in landfills. But did you know that old beds, even if they seem like junk to you, can have interesting uses for them? This blog post will suggest several ideas for how to use your old bed in new, creative ways. Who knows, you could even turn your old bed into something new!

1. Give the mattress away to someone who needs it.

One of the easiest way to avoid landfilling your old mattress is by giving it away. We recommend only doing this for mattresses that are clean. You’d be surprised to see who would pick your old bed up. Speak with friends, coworkers, community members, or even ask your local college or university with dorms to pass on the word that you have an old bed to give away.

Often, we throw away mattresses long before they should be discarded. Some two-sided mattresses can even be, in fact, used longer just by flipping it over! As a general rule, a mattress, kept in good condition, can be used for up to 8 to 10 years before replacing. If you find yourself replacing one before the time is up, consider giving it away to someone who needs it.

2. Upcycle an old crib frame.

For every new family with children, there’s bound to be a crib lying around somewhere at home. If you find yourself with an unused crib, there are several ways to repurpose it for reuse. This way, you can avoid dumping the frame in a landfill.

Some ways to upcycle it:

– Turn the crib frame into a wall shelf to hang your odds and ends

– Use the frame as a picture display case over your office desk

– Convert your crib rails into behind-the-closet-door organizers

It’s super easy to turn an old crib frame into a ‘Reminder Wall’ for a home office. Clip notes, photos, reminders, and coupons on the frame.

3. Build a Bird Nest out of Bed Springs.

Did you know that bed springs can look and feel cozy for nesting birds? If you have a backyard with trees in your home, consider bundling bed springs into cozy nests for birds in your backyard. Mattresses also have other materials that can be inviting for birds, such as foam and polyester filling. Once birds nest in your backyard, you’ll get to enjoy the chirping sounds of joy from these little nesters.


4. Turn bed springs into trellis for your garden.

As your children outgrow their cribs, consider turning the springs from the crib mattress into trellis for your garden. This way, you can save money from buying trellis from your local garden store. The springs can be supported with the help of a wooden stake. The stake could also be fashioned out of a wooden mattress frame if you have the tools to make one.


5. Compost your mattress.

What many people don’t realize is that if you take a mattress apart, there are many materials in them that can be composted in your own home. It might sound odd to strip it apart in your home, but consider this if there isn’t a sustainable disposal option in your area – such as a mattress recycler. If you find yourself in this situation, you can easily compost polyester filling, foam, and other materials such as the bed frame if it is made out of wood or fabric.


In conclusion, any of your old junk, such as mattresses, can become someone else’s treasures. It can too be reused in your home for a variety of purposes, including decor or for gardening. We hope these tips give you inspiration. Who knows – after this, you may never see your bed the same way again!

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Canadian Mattress Recycling Inc. is a recycling centre located on Annacis Island, Delta BC. Since 2011, we have helped Metro Vancouver residents recycle over 25 million lbs of mattresses and furniture. We have also supported over 90+ organizations through donations and our blogging efforts. Read about the other organizations we have supported in the past.

Kamloops Humane Society

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Formed back in 1993, the Kamloops Humane Society has protected dogs, cats, and other companion animals, and enabled them to live healthier, happier lives with their owners. For every dollar the organization receives, 97 cents are spent on veterinary care, pet food, and supplies for these companions animals. The organization is ran by volunteers who are passionate about ensuring that dogs, cats, and other animals are given the loving lives they deserve. In 2017, Canadian Mattress Recycling donated $350 towards the Kamloops Humane Society.

Canadian Mattress Recycling Inc. is Metro Vancouver’s dedicated mattress and furniture recycler based on Annacis Island. Since 2011, we’ve recycled over 25 million pounds of mattress and furniture, diverting them from local landfills. We’ve supported over 90+ organizations to date through our philanthropic initiatives. Read more about the other organizations we support here.

Youth Wellness Centre

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Northern Lights Wildlife Society

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Northern Lights Wildlife Society works to nurse young injured and/or orphaned wildlife in a safe environment when they are released into the wild.  They also educate the public about wildlife and their needs. Peaceful coexistence between humans and wildlife is their ultimate goal. They rehabilitate various wildlife, including grizzly bears.  We’re pleased to donate $1,000 in support of their conservation and animal rehabilitation work.

Read more about them on their website.

Canadian Mattress Recycling Inc. is Metro Vancouver’s dedicated mattress and furniture recycler based on Annacis Island. Since 2011, we’ve recycled over 25 million pounds of mattress and furniture, diverting them from local landfills. We’ve supported over 90+ organizations to date through our philanthropic initiatives. Read more about the other organizations we support here.