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Illegal Dumping: What Can We Do About It?

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In the summer, many people take advantage of the nice weather to deep clean their house. When they deep clean, old furniture and beds are often the first large items to go. In the same manner, people often pack up and move in the summer, whether to a new rental or home. These major events cause an uptick in illegal dumping across Metro Vancouver.

Illegal Dumping in Canada

Illegal dumping has worsened over the years (Brend, 2019), causing the true cost to rise into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. People think they can get away with dumping old furniture and mattresses in alleyways or side streets. After all, someone else does it – so why not them? In fact, every time someone dumps an item illegally, it costs cities and their residents money to clean up the streets.

Illegal Dumping in Vancouver

People participate in illegal dumping for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, they don’t even know it’s harmful to the city and the environment! Other times, people just simply don’t care. If they’re moving the next day, who is there to say they’d get caught?

Another reason people illegally dump their old items is because of bed bugs. Treating bed-bug infested mattresses and furniture can be costly, so the easiest way unfortunately for most people is to discard it.

Finally, illegal dumping can be attractive to city folk, especially since transporting mattresses and furniture to recyclers can be a hassle if they don’t have accessible transportation. Time, money, and fuel, can all be reasons why people choose to dump their items in backstreets instead.

Why Illegal Dumping Is Such a Big Deal

People living near illegally dumped items often complain of the unsightly mess. It’s a massive eyesore, plus, these dumped items cause a host of environmental issues on nearby habitats. Also, illegal dumping increases city budgets, diverting resources from pressing matters to keep the streets clean. These items, when left for a long time, attract unwanted pests such as bugs and animals. Finally the sight of these dumped mattresses will often encourage other people to follow suit, leading to an even bigger mess.

Reporting Illegal Dumping: How To Do It In Metro Vancouver

Vancouverites, simply use the city’s Van Connect phone app to report the issue. Or, visit their website to accomplish the same thing. Just provide a description of what was illegally dumped – a photo helps too! Then the city crew will be notified, and they’ll create a ticket and see to it that the mess gets removed.

Surrey residents can report illegal dumping activity here. Although illegal dumping is uncommon in the city, keep your eyes open for dumped appliances, mattresses, and furniture. Smaller appliances, such as kitchen tools, can also get dumped illegally. If you see any, please make a report.

Finally, Langley residents can report illegal dumping activities online or phone it in. All information you need is on their website.

Preventing Illegal Dumping In Metro Vancouver

The best way to prevent illegal dumping is to start conversations with family and friends about why it’s such a concern. When appropriate, mention the available large-item pickup services through cities, or suggest alternatives. You can also direct people to resources such as Waste Wizard and Metro Vancouver Recycles.

How to avoid last-minute large-item dumping when moving

  1. Plan for junk removal service during a move
  2. Budget for the cost of removing large items (furniture, mattresses)
  3. Call a company ahead of time to book a service
  4. Ask your family and friends to help transport items to a recycler

Alternatively, post items for sale on online marketplaces, donate the items, or give it to a coworker or friend who are looking for similar items.

Common Excuses for Illegal Dumping

Here are some common excuses justifying illegal dumping, and why they are a myth.

I don’t have access to a car.

As more residents ditch cars for bikes, commuting, or ride-sharing, having access to a vehicle that can haul a mattress or furniture can be a luxury. Even worse, most cars can’t fit these items.

Solution: Rent a pick-up truck, or borrow one from your family and friends

I can’t afford the tipping fees at the landfill.

Disposing of a mattress in landfills can be expensive these days. For example, Metro Vancouver landfills charge a levy on top of the dump fees for mattresses. This is done to encourage people to take old mattresses to a recycler, but the fees can be a barrier for some people.

Solution: Take the mattress to a recycler near you for a smaller fee, or budget for disposal.

Junk removal companies charge too much.

Shopping around the companies can lead to great deals to help you haul away your old mattress or furniture. Another option is to lift your items yourself into a car, and take it to a recycler. Alternatively, see if your neighbours have items to get rid of, so that you can all pitch in to rent a junk removal bin or service.

Solution: Haul the items yourself to the dump or recycler, or shop around for deals.

I’m moving last-minute, so I don’t have time.

Surprises can come any time, especially when you’re packing for a move. It’s easy to think we don’t have the time to dispose of your large items appropriately. However, when you take a break between packing and moving, consider calling a couple of mattress removal companies nearby. They’ll help schedule a pickup, and for some you don’t even need to be on site on the day of pickup.

Solution: Make the time to research a pickup service!

Someone else will be able to use the item I dump on the street.

This is actually a myth! When the item you leave on the side of the road disappears, such as an old bed, chances are they aren’t picked up by someone for reuse. City crew are called onto the site to remove the item instead.

Illegal dumping is a headache in most Canadian cities. Each summer, when people start to renovate, deep clean, or tidy up their house, furniture and mattresses often end up on the streets. Not only is illegally dumped garbage an eyesore, it is also bad for the environment. While there may be reasons people dump items illegally, we can all do our part to prevent this from happening. Illegal dumping costs cities hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, and it’s the taxpayers who pay in the end. Therefore, we hope this blog post helps shed light on the issue of illegal dumping and what you can do about it. Doing our part to preserve natural spaces in our amazing cities is the right thing to do.

Canadian Mattress Recycling Inc. is Metro Vancouver’s leading mattress recycler based in Delta, BC.

Canadian Red Cross Society

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In 2019, Canadian Mattress Recycling made a donation to the Canadian Red Cross Society. The Canadian Red Cross is part of the largest humanitarian network in the world – which many have heard about throughout their lives. Here in Canada, the Canadian Red Cross has provided relief when natural disasters strike — including emergency and disaster services, first aid and CPR. In BC, they also provide services for migrants, refugees, and engage the community about water safety. Visit their website for more information.

Canadian Mattress Recycling Inc. is Metro Vancouver’s dedicated mattress and furniture recycler based on Annacis Island. Since 2011, we’ve recycled over 25 million pounds of mattress and furniture, diverting them from local landfills. We’ve supported over 90+ organizations to date through our philanthropic initiatives. Read more about the other organizations we support here.

How To Get Rid of A Box Spring

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Is the process of finding out how to recycle a box spring stressing you out?

Box springs can be difficult items to recycle, or to get rid of from your home. Not only are they bulky, they’re also heavy to lift and difficult to transport in a regular car. And in cities such as Vancouver, many people are opting to ditching their cars, making it stressful to find out how to get rid of a box spring when the time comes.

Though, look no further – our guide will explain the six different ways you can dispose of a box spring. Some options may be more environmentally friendly than others. Still, as long as they’re disposed of properly and not illegally dumped in a back alley or side-street, that’s good enough!

Our tips below is written for Vancouver residents in mind. However, if you live abroad or in other Canadian cities, you might find our guide a helpful starting place.

Two methods to get rid of a box spring

1. Landfill the box spring

Most often than not, box springs are dumped in landfills. This is what most people do, with the services available from the city. Vancouverites and those who live in the Lower Mainland often take their box springs to the transfer stations, where they pay a levy and fee to dispose of their box spring. Some cities such as Richmond and Surrey sort the box springs they receive at the transfer stations. Clean or gently used box springs get transferred to a mattress recycler. Dirty or contaminated box springs are landfilled.

This is a process many have done before, for countless years. However, if you’re looking for a more sustainable option, keep reading.

2. Recycle the box spring

Did you know box springs can be recycled? Not all cities have box spring recycling programs, but if you live in Vancouver or the Lower Mainland, you’re in luck!

Vancouverites can take their box springs to a mattress recycler. The recycler will inspect your box spring to see if it can be recycled. Then, they’ll charge you a recycling fee – often $20 to $25 for each box spring. The box spring will then be recycled in their facility by laborers. Materials such as fabric, foam, polyester filling, and wood get separated and sorted. A special recycler will take these materials for recycling. This way, no materials end up in landfills.

Unfortunately, the truth is that not a lot of people know about recycling services like these. Still too many box springs end up in landfills each year across Canada. Worse, people dump box springs on the side of the road, or in alleys. Called illegal dumping, this action costs cities – and residents – thousands of dollars a year to clean up.

So whether you decide to landfill or recycle the box spring, both options are better than none.

Box Spring Disposal Services

Here’s another breakdown on how you can dispose of your box spring.

You can:

1. Take the box spring to a recycler

2. Take the box spring to a landfill site or transfer station

3. Book a large-item pickup through your city waste disposal services if they offer it

4. Book a large-item bin to dispose of your box springs

5. Hire a junk removal company to take your box spring from your house

6. Hire a mattress removal company to do the same thing

We will discuss the pros and cons of each option below.

One: Take the box spring to a recycler



Two: Take the box spring to the local transfer station



Three: Book a pickup through the city



Four: Rent a dumpster



Five: Hire a junk removal company



Six: Book a pickup through a recycler



Wildlife Rescue Association

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Since 2014, we’ve donated $1150 to the Wildlife Rescue Association. Our latest donation to them was in August 2019.

In 2020, we have donated $500 to this charity.

Ocean Legacy Foundation

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Ocean Legacy is one of our favourite charities to support.  The work they do cleaning up shorelines here in BC and globally makes such a positive impact.  That’s why we were happy to be able to donate another $500 to them in May 2021, bringing our total donations to them since 2016 to $1,400.

SAINTS (Senior Animals In Need Today Society)

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Senior Animals in Need Today Society

Mission, BC houses SAINTS (Senior Animals In Need Today Society), an end-of-life sanctuary for senior and special needs animals. Since 2004, the organization has supported all kinds of animals that come into their care. Providing a permanent home to elderly companion animals ensure they receive the love and care they so rightly deserve. Medical treatments are also available for animals at SAINTS.

Our Donation to SAINTS

Since 2016, Canadian Mattress Recycling has donated many pet beds to the sanctuary. We have also donated $500 to help with the medical and housing needs of these animals. The cushions that we donate are in good condition, salvaged from old furniture we recycle.

In 2020, we have donated $500 to this charity.

SAINTS Programs and Fundraisers

Every year, SAINTS raises funds for medical bills. In 2017 alone, vet bills total $205,000. Most of the resident animals arrive at the sanctuary with huge vet bills. By fundraising and running a sponsorship program, SAINTS can continue providing care for these animals. Last year, SAINTS ran a fundraiser called “the Amazing Raise” where groups raised funds for specific species of animals, from dogs to horses, to cats and bunnies. The Amazing Race occurs annually, so be sure to stay up to date for the next time it’s around!

The Sponsorship Program

The medical care and attention new arrivals need can be pricy. The average monthly vet bill is $10,000. Therefore, the organization has opened a sponsorship program to allow people to sponsor an animal of their choice. Dogs, cats, rabbits, and barnyard animals are all open to sponsorship. Sponsorship is a fantastic way to provide care and love towards an animal – especially if you can’t foster or adopt one.


Twitter: @SAINTSrescue

Facebook: @SAINTSrescue

This blog post is brought to you by Canadian Mattress Recycling, Metro Vancouver’s mattress recycler.